Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Trellises Bark Siding Shed" Corel - Audacity and Line 6

Trellises Bark Siding

A simple post today. A touch of workflow. I took this photograph near Clare, Michigan, with my Canon Rebel XTi. I opened it in Corel PhotoPaint. There I applied Local Equalization and used the Tone Curve for upping the color depth a bit.

I opened the saved large iteration in Corel PSP Pro X3 and flipped the photograph. I added Vibrancy with the Saturation tool. I also added a layer of my signature in white, which doesn't detract from the image a bit. I adjusted the size for display here and saved the medium file.

I have been experimenting with my Music using my Line 6 PodXTLive, and the Gearbox software. I used a drum backtrack that was fast rock and a beginning sound like a jet taking off. I had opened this in Audacity. I recorded E7 A7 B7 riff and also a Am Em G D riff on a subsequent new track with a differing beat. In other words I played around with two drum tracks and used a Clean guitar tone called "Clean Guitar Tone," to lay down a rhythm track through the Pod.

I used a different tone for the lead playing on both tunes. On the Am tune I used the tone Avenge-fold Seven. And on the E7 tune I used a Blues tone setting.

I played the leads, adjusted the timing in Audacity due to the Latency. I ended up with two fun tracks without vocals for my own enjoyment. I am getting used to the PoDXTLive and like it quite a bit thus far. I don't currently have the funds to purchase DAW Software so Audacity is my choice above other free recording software. For a free recording type of software it is very good to use. One of the best in my humble opinion.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Hummingbird Hook Globe Chimes" - Corel - "DADGAD Tuning Discussion"

Hummingbird Hook Globe Chimes

I have been very busy this past few weeks. I did this image from a Canon Rebel XTi photograph, taken up North in an area near Clare, Michigan. I opened the photograph in Corel PhotoPaint.

I used the Local Equalization tool on it, then applied the Tone Curve, adding depth to the color. I kept my image processing fairly straight forward. I added a Half-Tone frame with Filter Forge's Frames. I saved the large iteration.

I re-opened the image in Corel PSP Pro X3. Here I upped the color with a Saturation Vibrancy Boost. I added my signature as a layer in Black and then a layer in White. I saved the file in display size for this post.

I also have done some work musically. I now own a used Line 6 Pod XT Live for use with my recording. It is primarily a guitar Pod but I attempted to use the Gearbox software (from Line 6) with it and used a Clean guitar setting for recording with my Shure PG58 Mic.

I played and sang the basis of a DADGAD tune and recorded it with Audacity. Though I am still having some Latency problems with Audacity, but have learned a work around for that until I get my settings right. I then recorded, with my 12-String Seagull plugged in, using a setting called Clean Sweep and laid down a lead track.

I re-plugged in my Shure Mic and did some more vocals in a new track. I adjusted the tracks to match, and Mixed and Rendered to a Stereo file. Saving as a large Wav export and then an MP3 export of a different name.

I shared it with two friends and I have been told it sounded like a late 1960's style tune. Which I don't mind as I like the period of my roots in guitar playing and singing. I was pretty impressed with the results of my experiment with the Pod XT Live and Gearbox, recording with the free source Audacity.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 - Anchorage, Alaska"

Anchorage AK Seascape

Anchorage AK Skyline

On Vacation and had some time to reflect on another vacation in Anchorage, Alaska. I selected two photographs taken with my Canon Rebel XTi. I am using our Laptop, and Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 to Auto-Paint

I used the settings for two Watercolor Sketchs Auto-Paint, with Rough Paper and tapered brushes. It is an easy exercise to do, with some pretty great results.

Both photographs were taken from the South East of Anchorage, Nice lines and color. One is a seascape. The other is a shot of the city's skyline.

Short Post as the Auto-Paint is done by the program, with little intervention on my part. But the Photographs were taken by me. I hope you enjoy my meager sharing. Click on the images for their larger views!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Milestone Reached - Over 140,000 Plus Pageviews for gatzkART!" Corel

Skewed Grunge Woman Portrait

"gatzkART!" has reached another Milestone, over 1,200 images and now over 140,000 Pageviews! Thanks to many of you who regularly visit and my occasional visitors. I truly appreciate your interest in my Digital Visual Artwork and Music.

Beginning with a Woman's Portrait from the MorgueFile I opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3 and then I adjusted the Threshold for white space. It is a simple portrait taken in the backseat of a car. So I Skewed the image.

Selecting a Grunge Texture from StockVault's Free Textures I added it as a layer and used the property Multiply to add it with transparency. I also applied the Saturation Vibrancy for added color.

Looking at the image I wanted additional color so I used Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrancy, this boosted the colors to a punchy state. I then used Filter Forge's Frames Grunge Frame to add additional edginess to the image. Using PSP Pros X3's Picture Frame I layered in a Golden frame.

Adding my inverted signature to the file I saved it as a Medium sized piece for display. In the Image Information I included some Creator information Title, Copyright, Program and Sources. I left in some of the EXIF information of the original Woman's Photograph.

It is my pleasure to share my Digital Excursions with so many of you, and it is gratifying to have reached another goal I had not anticipated.

I did have some bad news this week. My Line 6 Toneport UX1 of about 5 years is no longer working correctly. So I am not able to use it and the Gearbox or PodFarm software with it to record my music.

I have made adjustments to my on board sound system with RealTek hardware so I can record and playback, view videos, listen to Pandora, etc. But have a higher learning curve with multiple tracks in Audacity due to latency problems. I need another newer Toneport and some new DAW Software to record with, but it may be a while before that happens. Until then I will be endeavoring to simplify my recording with the on board system and my Shure PG58 microphone, along with Audacity.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Pen and Ink Watercolor Textured Portrait" Corel

"Pen and Ink Watercolor Textured Portrait" Corel

I began this Portrait of a Blonde Young Woman in Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4. I Auto-painted it using the Detailed Watercolor settings, I left them at the defaults. On top of that I added an Auto-painted Pen and Ink layer. I saved this large iteration.

Opening in Corel PSP Pro X3 I applied the Saturation Vibrancy to it for color, as the watercolor was very soft and light. I then searched for a suitable Stone Texture to add to it. This I did. Both the original photographs were from StockVault's and MorgueFile's Free images.

I added my signature layer and resized it and placed it. Then I added a 50 pixel black border and a thin black picture frame in PSP Pro X3. I saved after adding the Image Information, Title, Copyright, etc. I then resized for display here on "gatzkART!"

Though I don't know any of the women depicted in my recent work I appreciate StockVault and MorgueFile's Sharing of the photographs and Textures for my (or anyone's) use.