Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Digital Watercolor Acoustic Guitar Player" PE5 Plus

Digital Watercolor Acoustic Guitar Player

Continuing with a series of Acoustic and Electric Guitar Player images I share this one today. I believe that I did get the original photograph through Pixabay, free to edit.

I opened the photo in Corel Painter Essentials 5 (PE5.) I first applied the Equalize tool, setting the Black to 18% and the White at 100%, with the Gamma upped to 62%. This action gave me more color depth and fullness.

Next, I used the Watercolor Sketch settings with the New Simple Water Brush. I digitally painted the photo and saved the large iteration. I examined the results of this, and I found it pleasing to the eye.

I now opened it in Paint.NET, and here I increased the Saturation to 110. I also added my signature as a layer. I merged the layers down. I saved that image.

Opening it in PicsArt App on my Smartphone I used the Tools Enhance at 92 with Saturation set to 20. I applied the Effects FX, HDR1 blur at 25, unsharp at 1.0, saturation at 0.46 with the fade set to 25. I saved that iteration.

Simply saved the image for display, 72dpi, 1220 x 813 pixels, at 75 compression, giving it a new name.

A few simple steps to create a nice looking Digital Watercolor.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Step by Step: Electric Guitar Player XI" PicsArt App Plus

Electric Guitar Player XI

Another free to edit, a photograph here is the "Electric Guitar Player XI." I opened the picture in the PicsArt App in Windows 10 on my computer. I selected the Tools Enhance and upped the color a tad.

I used the filter in Artistic Effects called Polygon. This gave me some triangular shapes within the image. I adjusted them to show as many as I could without losing the piece's stability. I saved the large picture.

Next, I went to Lighting and grabbed a Bokeh layer, on this I used rotate tools to place the bulk of the lights on the bottom of the image. I used the property Screen to add the lighting. I went back to the Tools and chose the Curves to add depth to the colors, using the full RGB setting.

I added a border, selecting a blue and black balance for it. I then went to the Text tools and added my name and the year choosing black for the fill and outline. I saved this again.

I looked at the image in Picasa 3+ and decided to add some HDR appearance to the piece. I adjusted the Radius to a level setting and the Strength to a medium low one. I did this with Picasa's HDR Tool. Saving that I opened the image in Paint.Net to resize the piece for display.

72dpi, 1220 X 813, with 75 for compression, were the settings for the display picture. Be sure to click on the image for the larger view in your browser. Use F11 to see the Full Screen and F11 to return to the browser's regular setting.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Digital Collage of Images Created with PicsArt App" Picasa

Collage of Images

While ill I created some images on my Tablet using the PicsArt App. I enjoyed using this App so much I got the Windows 10 version installed now along with AutoDesk's Sketchbook on my computer.

I did quite a bit of layering and using of PicsArt filters to create each image you see in the collage. I used polygon tools, mask layers, some clipart, some hand painting as well. Each piece will stand on its own, but I wanted to show the versatility of PicsArt.

I like the selection of tool for each thing you may want to do. I can "Enhance," a photograph, with a simple click, alter the strength of the changes with embedded tools. I can adjust Curves for RGB or the differing colors Red, Green, Blue individually.

I add layers directly and quickly by adding a photograph, with the selection of different properties, and adjust the opacity, too. Free clipart comes with the App as well as some great Fonts.

And the App will let you buy more Fonts and Collections for only about $00.99 each. I have not purchased any additional ones myself, and I am still finding many ways of creating great images without adding any yet.

PicsArt also has many #freetoedit photographs to offer to the user. I used some of them and some from Pixabay, and Unsplash. It also has multiple FX, Artistic, and other Filters to apply to your works.

I created the Digital Collage with Picasa 3+, which is no longer being supported, but still the current version works fine. After creating the Collage I saved it and opened it with Corel PhotoPaint. There I resampled from 120dpi to a 72dpi image, 1220 X 763. I saved it as an Optimized JPG 75 compression and 25 smoothing. I saved the display image with a new name.

As you share your works with the PicsArt Community, you can set it up to share with your other Social Media, too. I share with my Facebook timeline each time I post a new image to the Community. You can select how and where to share.

One other thing to mention is PicsArt App allows you to create Gif Animations of your creations in a step by step manner. Gif Animations are not accepted everywhere but are great fun to create.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"The Lone Street Musician" PE5 Plus

The Lone Street Musician

Another photograph of "The Lone Street Musician." I liked the image from the beginning. A Street Guitarist, possibly a singer as well, presenting himself in a corner of a plaza.

I opened the file in Corel Painter Essentials 5 (PE5.) I began by applying the Pen and Ink Drawing settings. I tried one brush but it was not very clear, and I wanted a clean, bright Pen and Ink look. So I set the Brush to the Dry Ink and painted again. This gave me a better drawing.

To add to the Ink Drawing, I selected the Detailed Watercolor setting. A soft light brush was chosen the New Simple Water Brush. I digitally painted again. This gave me a Pen and Ink Watercolor image.

The next step was to increase color depth of the piece. I selected Equalize from the Effects. There I set the Black Point to 21.2% and left the White Point at 100%. I altered the Gamma to 60%, and this punched up the color. I saved this large file with a new name.

Next, I opened the file in Paint.NET. I selected the Line Brush at 3 points, with a Backwards slash setting. I hand painted a light border with the brush. I opened my signature file, copied it, and added it as a new layer. Using the property Multiply, I then merged the layers. I saved this file at 100% compression.

I now only needed to Resize the piece for display. I adjusted it to 72dpi, 1220 X 1049, with 75 as the compression. I saved this file with a new name.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Street Musicians" PicsArt App

I downloaded a number of great photos from Pixabay today.  I have been using my Tablet to create images with the PicsArt App. I did at least four images that I posted to PicsArt and Facebook.

This image was one of those I created. I used a number of filters one called Comic Effect. I also increased the Saturation of the piece adding depth with the Curves tool.

I highly recommend both Pixabay and PicsArt App. They are among the top features on the Internet.

I searched for "Street Musicians," on Pixabay, also for free to edit content on the PicsArt community.  They have many choices for doing digital artwork.
I have found that PicsArt has many tools for layering, drawing, and other things that make it a great app.

Some people who want to may get the latest version of PicsArt App for Android devices on the Google Play Store. It is currently free to download and install.
Join Pixabay for the larger image download. I have been very pleased with the content of photos and textures there.

You can also use Pixabay from a browser.

Street Musicians 

Friday, April 15, 2016

"Gal Playing Acoustic Guitar in a Field" PE5 Plus

"Gal Playing Acoustic Guitar in a Field"

I selected a large photograph of a "Gal Playing Acoustic Guitar in a Field," for today's post. It was very soft in lighting to begin with, but compelling. I opened it in Corel Painter Essentials 5 (PE5.) The first thing I did was apply the Equalize tool, setting the Black point to 25.1%, the White point I left at 100%, and the Gamma at 50%. This added more color depth.

I continued to Adjust the Colors using Uniform Color setting the Saturation to 31%. I saved the large file with a new name. In PE5, I used the photograph now adjusted to paint. Selecting the Watercolor Sketch settings I used a Digital Watercolor Dry Brush to paint.

Next, I used the Soft Cloner Brush to hand paint back in details to the Face, Arms, Hands and the Guitar. I decided I wanted to add more Texture to the image; I applied the Apply Surface Texture. Using the Paper setting, I checked Invert to change the light direction. I picked a Light Fleshtone color for the lighting, creating more warmth for the image and texture.

After applying that, I saved the image again.

I opened that large image in Paint.NET. Here I added my signature layer using the property Additive for transparency. I saved the image with 100% size and compression. Then I resized the image to 72 dpi, 1220 X 813, setting the compression to 75%. I saved that for posting with a new name.

I have been putting my new Martin DRS1 6-String Acoustic Electric through its paces, both Acoustically and along with some jam tracks from QuistJam on YouTube. Playing acoustically I used different tunings, Double Drop D, and DADGAD. I am enjoying this Martin Sapele Guitar! It has great tone and good action for both lead and rhythm playing. I haven't done any recording or songwriting other than some poetry/lyric work lately. I am trying out a new chord progression but have yet to add any melody (singing,) or lyrics for that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Vintage Truck and Arches" PicsArt App

I utilized PicsArt App for this image today and yesterday. I began working on it on my tablet. I layered two photos of the Truck and Arches.

I applied enhanced color, and saturation to the truck,  then I added a watercolor filter. I took the Arches photo and added it. I resized the image of the Arches to fit the Truck. I changed the opacity, to allow the Truck to show through, using the property Overlay.

I next used the painting tools on the Truck. Slightly more color depth for the next step,  I hand painted it. I used the Text tool for my name and year.

I saved at various times before the final product. "Vintage Truck and Arches."

Vintage Truck and Arches 

Monday, April 11, 2016

"White Bicycle with Flowers in a Field" PicsArt App Plus

White Bicycle with Flowers in a Field

I have been garnering some photographs from various sources, and unfortunately, I did not keep track of the sources. This image was started on my Tablet in the PicsArt App. I applied a few different filters. First, I used the Artistic Watercolor filter increasing the color a bit. I also used the Fx filter HDR1 for that sharpness on the White Bicycle and Flowers. I added my name and year with the Text tools. I saved that large image, and it backed up to my Google Photos.

I downloaded the image to my computer. Opening in Paint.NET,  I adjusted the Saturation to 110. Then I used the Curves tool to add color depth to the piece. I saved this iteration.

Opening in Corel PhotoPaint, I resampled the image. 120dpi 1220 X 813 pixels, I saved as an Optimized JPG with 75 compression, and 25 smoothing.

I enjoy using the PicsArt App on my Tablet and combining the image creation with programs on my computer.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

"How to: Red Espresso" PE5 Plus

Red Espresso

I have recently found a few new free to edit photographs from Pixabay, Picjumbo, and a few others. I had an email to myself of the sites which I promptly deleted today upon doing some email clean up. It is a listing from Kim Garst's Blog online. So I hope I can find it again.

I did not keep track of the source of this photograph I chose to digitally paint, but it was a large file size with great dpi and depth of colors.

I first opened it in Paint.NET on my laptop. I did some Adjustments using Curves for depth and increasing the Saturation to 110. I saved this file.

Next, I used Picasa's HDR tool with light settings for that sharp look and feel. I saved again.

I reopened the image in Corel's Painter Essentials 5 (PE5.) Here I selected to do an Oil Painting with Acrylic and Oils Brush: Opaque Detail Brush. It was a small brush which gave the oil painting much detail. I saved the file with a new name.

I added my signature layer in Corel's PhotoPaint, and saved this iteration. Then I resampled the file for display here. I used the settings 240dpi 1220 X 813 and saved with a new name. An optimzed JPG with compression at 75 and smoothing at 25.

With the Oil Painting having a white surrounding area I decided to add a Frame. I used Picasa's Museum Matte tool, giving it a red matte. I saved this iteration, slightly larger with the Frame and matte added.

Thus, you have the image for today, "Red Espresso."

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Woman Portrait" PicsArt App Pixabay

Found a new listing of free to edit sites. Chose Pixabay and selected this Woman Portrait.

I saved it and opened it up in the PicsArt App. I applied a Artistic pastel filter, and saved it. Then I hand selected colors to paint with using different types of brushes. Hand painting on the Tablet Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is a lot of fun.

I use a Stylus for the hand painting. It is a little awkward but I think I have been doing this fairly well.

I have been care giving for a family member of late. So I post on the blog using the Blogger App. Still learning and enjoying the apps that I am using.

I have not been able to play the guitars,  neither of them. There is a time to keep quiet and a time to make music. I have found that I am writing a bit of poetry. This is a good time for me to do it.

Soon enough I will be playing guitar again.

Monday, April 4, 2016

"NEW FREE Download of 'I Still Remain' on CDBaby!"

Guitar Player Chording D

After a month of having the songs "Open Secret," and "Something Amazing," FREE from CD Baby's site. I selected to change those back to paid downloads and add "I Still Remain," as a FREE download!

I did the Guitar Player Chording D a number of years ago. I recently found this version on our Laptop. I don't remember all the tools I used to create the Image, but I took the photograph myself.

I have been very busy caregiving for a family member. So it has been difficult to create new Artworks. I have been using my Tablet with free to edit photographs from PicsArt App. And using the Blogger App to post some art directly from my tablet..

If you were one of my listeners of "I Still Remain," it should now be available FREE from CD Baby's site. Look to the right panel and click on the Featured Post, click that Link and it will take you to the website where you can get it FREE!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Redheaded Gal" PicsArt App

I did another image of a Redheaded woman portrait in PicsArt App on my tablet. I used a Pastel filter first,  then I added a line drawing on the image by hand. I also added some blended color with the different brushes.

I really like the App thus far,  as I continue to grow in learning how to use it. I'm sure that as time passes I will improve.

Nonetheless this is a great influence on my tablet created artworks. This was another #free to edit photo from the PicsArt community.  They have many more to select from.  Different types of people, things, and objects to choose from. 

A continuous improvement cycle.