Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Digital Watercolor Acoustic Guitar Player" PE5 Plus

Digital Watercolor Acoustic Guitar Player

Continuing with a series of Acoustic and Electric Guitar Player images I share this one today. I believe that I did get the original photograph through Pixabay, free to edit.

I opened the photo in Corel Painter Essentials 5 (PE5.) I first applied the Equalize tool, setting the Black to 18% and the White at 100%, with the Gamma upped to 62%. This action gave me more color depth and fullness.

Next, I used the Watercolor Sketch settings with the New Simple Water Brush. I digitally painted the photo and saved the large iteration. I examined the results of this, and I found it pleasing to the eye.

I now opened it in Paint.NET, and here I increased the Saturation to 110. I also added my signature as a layer. I merged the layers down. I saved that image.

Opening it in PicsArt App on my Smartphone I used the Tools Enhance at 92 with Saturation set to 20. I applied the Effects FX, HDR1 blur at 25, unsharp at 1.0, saturation at 0.46 with the fade set to 25. I saved that iteration.

Simply saved the image for display, 72dpi, 1220 x 813 pixels, at 75 compression, giving it a new name.

A few simple steps to create a nice looking Digital Watercolor.

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