Monday, April 4, 2016

"NEW FREE Download of 'I Still Remain' on CDBaby!"

Guitar Player Chording D

After a month of having the songs "Open Secret," and "Something Amazing," FREE from CD Baby's site. I selected to change those back to paid downloads and add "I Still Remain," as a FREE download!

I did the Guitar Player Chording D a number of years ago. I recently found this version on our Laptop. I don't remember all the tools I used to create the Image, but I took the photograph myself.

I have been very busy caregiving for a family member. So it has been difficult to create new Artworks. I have been using my Tablet with free to edit photographs from PicsArt App. And using the Blogger App to post some art directly from my tablet..

If you were one of my listeners of "I Still Remain," it should now be available FREE from CD Baby's site. Look to the right panel and click on the Featured Post, click that Link and it will take you to the website where you can get it FREE!

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