Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Digital Collage of Images Created with PicsArt App" Picasa

Collage of Images

While ill I created some images on my Tablet using the PicsArt App. I enjoyed using this App so much I got the Windows 10 version installed now along with AutoDesk's Sketchbook on my computer.

I did quite a bit of layering and using of PicsArt filters to create each image you see in the collage. I used polygon tools, mask layers, some clipart, some hand painting as well. Each piece will stand on its own, but I wanted to show the versatility of PicsArt.

I like the selection of tool for each thing you may want to do. I can "Enhance," a photograph, with a simple click, alter the strength of the changes with embedded tools. I can adjust Curves for RGB or the differing colors Red, Green, Blue individually.

I add layers directly and quickly by adding a photograph, with the selection of different properties, and adjust the opacity, too. Free clipart comes with the App as well as some great Fonts.

And the App will let you buy more Fonts and Collections for only about $00.99 each. I have not purchased any additional ones myself, and I am still finding many ways of creating great images without adding any yet.

PicsArt also has many #freetoedit photographs to offer to the user. I used some of them and some from Pixabay, and Unsplash. It also has multiple FX, Artistic, and other Filters to apply to your works.

I created the Digital Collage with Picasa 3+, which is no longer being supported, but still the current version works fine. After creating the Collage I saved it and opened it with Corel PhotoPaint. There I resampled from 120dpi to a 72dpi image, 1220 X 763. I saved it as an Optimized JPG 75 compression and 25 smoothing. I saved the display image with a new name.

As you share your works with the PicsArt Community, you can set it up to share with your other Social Media, too. I share with my Facebook timeline each time I post a new image to the Community. You can select how and where to share.

One other thing to mention is PicsArt App allows you to create Gif Animations of your creations in a step by step manner. Gif Animations are not accepted everywhere but are great fun to create.

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