Friday, November 21, 2014

"Young Lady Watercolor Texture - Guitar" Corel

Young Lady Watercolor Texture - Guitar

I got this photograph from the MorgueFile site and decided to add Texture to it. I opened with Corel PhotoPaint and applied the Threshold tool, which gave me some white space. I browsed for a Texture file and finding one I opened that in Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 to paint it. I used two setting of Watercolors one with Random Brushstrokes and the other Wet on Wet Watercolor.

I saved the color Texture file and opened it in PhotoPaint. There I copied the Young Lady to the clipboard and pasted it upon the Texture. I applied the Texturize property to it for the grayscale look and feel. I then changed the property to Hard Light and gained a bit of Flesh Tone back into the image. I did not merged the layers yet.

I browsed for a large Guitar image and found one. The insides of a Taylor guitar showing the bracing, just as I saw at the Taylor Road Show I attended a while ago. I scaled that image to fit and applied the Threshold tool to it, I used the property Multiply I adjusted the Opacity of that and merged all the layers, including my Signature.

I used the Tone Curve to brighten the image a tad. Then using Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrance I gave some more punch to the colors.

I saved the large iteration. Then resampled for display here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Young Lady - Lovers" Paint.NET CorelDRAW


Young Lady

Programs used for Lovers:

  • Paint.NET Ink Sketch tool
  • Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 Modern Painting
  • Corel PSP Pro X3 to layer and Merge the Pen and Ink with the Painting
  • CorelTRACE Traced and export as native CMX file
  • CorelDRAW to place and fix size, convert to bitmap
  • Corel PhotoPaint to add signature and resample to display size
Programs used for Young Lady:

  • Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 Simple Watercolor for Texture
  • Corel PSP Pro X3 to layer Young lady, use Threshold tool and blend Texture
  • added black border in PSP and signature
Please click on each image above for a larger view of each. Comments always welcome. Pluses anguished for! On Google+

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Friday, November 14, 2014

"Sunglasses and Stripes Woman's Portrait" Corel

Sunglasses and Stripes Woman's Portrait

This piece was opened in CorelTRACE first and turned into a CMX vector graphic. I saved it an opened in CorelDRAW. There I added some gradient colors and converted the grouped vector pieces to bitmapped. I copied that to the clipboard.

From there I opened in Corel PhotoPaint, New From Clipboard, it was a very large 300 dpi file. I applied the Artistic tool Crayons to it and then I added a Canvas Texture from Effects. I also used the Tone Curve to give the colors more depth.

Saving that iteration I resampled the image to display size. I added my signature to it and saved the medium sized image with compression set at 75 and smoothness at 33. I opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3 and upped the Saturation with Vibrancy. With Image Information I added Title Copyright, Programs used and saved again.

Feel free to browse my Labels Cloud at the bottom of the page for more Digitaal Visual Art of a variety of styles, including Collage.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Abstract Guitar Player One" Corel

Abstract Guitar Player One

I attended a Taylor Guitars Road Show and took the original photograph during the show. I used a Canon Rebel XTi. I used my Android Phone and shared the image with Instagram first using PicsArt App to alter it. I used the Pencil Sketch tool, and a sepia filter.

I went to my phone Gallery and sent a copy to myself by email. Taking this image I downloaded it to my PC. Here I used Picasa 3.9 to add a Museum frame and Matte to the image.

Saving that I opened it in Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 and increased the Saturation Vibrancy by 33. Then I added my signature file as another layer. I sized that and fit it to the image and using the property Multiply I made the white background transparent. I merged the layers into one.

I ended up with a square image with Abstract lines and texture I saved it with a differing name, which was only a number prior to this.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Eyes Lips Texture Woman Portrait" Corel

"Eyes Lips Texture Woman Portrait" Corel

In Corel PhotoPaint I cropped another Woman's Portrait from MorgueFile to shoulders and face. I then began to use a playful approach to the image. I applied the Threshold tool to the original crop. I added a texture from StockVault to it, resizing it to fit, and applied it to the white space of the image. I merged these together as one.

I then created a cutout of the face, reducing it in size, I placed it down the dark left side. I decided to add some geometric interest to it. I created two Triangular masks. Which I subsequently filled with a gradient of brown to orange.

I thought the largest of them, on the right side needed some more punch. I cutout the lips and then the eyes, placing them within the colored triangle. Also I added a brown border to the outside of the image. I used my Filter Forge Frames plug-in, for a light film frame. Adding the signature in white I saved the large iteration.

I used the Saturation tool to brighten it a bit. I resampled the image to a display size with compression set to 75 and softness set to 33 and Optimized the final piece. I do like the asymmetrical aspect of the overall image. Makes it interesting and not run of the mill.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Colorful Digital Portrait - Young Lady" - CorelDRAW

Colorful Digital Portrait - Young Lady

I selected another Young Lady photograph from my MorgueFile research for today's post. I opened CorelTRACE and loaded the large file. I Traced using Advanced Outline. This gave me a native CMX file that I opened in CorelDRAW.

I Ungrouped the traced pieces and then I used differing gradients, and textures, to fill each area. This led to a colorful image of the Young Lady. I added a turquoise rectangle to the back of the pieces. I selected all the traced pieces, and the rectangle, and Grouped them as one unit. I then converted it to a bitmapped file. I copied the large bitmap to the Clipboard.

I opened Corel PhotoPaint and pasted New From Clipboard the copy. I added my signature in black. and saved the large file at 300 dpi. I resampled for display size, compressing by 62 and softened by 33, for a smaller file to load faster.

Be sure to click on the file for a larger view of it. F11 in Chrome will give you a full screen view, F11 back to the regular settings.

Comments are always welcome on experiments like this image. Feel free to browse "gatzkART!" for additional Digital Visual Art, as well as Woodward Dream Cruise Custom and Vintage cars, guitars images, along with other works. See the Labels Cloud by scrolling down to the lower parts of the blog page, Browse the topics and view them with the explanations of workflow used to create the images.

Monday, November 10, 2014

"Young Woman - Vintage Paper - Stone - Painted Concrete" Corel

Young Woman Textural Portrait

I went to the Morguefile site and searched on Free Portraits and found six  new ones to work with. I opened the first one I selected in Corel PSP Pro X3. There I applied the Threshold tool. I ended with a black and white image of the Young Woman.

I opened a Vintage paper texture file from StockVault and added that to the black background. I also opened another texture from them, this time a Stone Texture and added that with a differing property. This left the Young Woman all white.

I saved this iteration and opened in Corel PhotoPaint. here I used the Magic Wand tool to select the white space. Then using the Fill tool I loaded into it another Texture. I filled the white space with that.

I adjusted the colors with the Tone Curve tool for more depth, and saved that iteration with greater compression fit for a blog posting. I reopened that in PSP and added a signature layer, Image Information Title, Copyright, Sources, and Programs used. I saved again.

I resized for display and saved the final iteration.

I would like to thank StockVault and Morguefile for the really decent images they give away free. This allows me great latitude in creating the Digital Visual Art I so much enjoy.