Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Colorful Digital Portrait - Young Lady" - CorelDRAW

Colorful Digital Portrait - Young Lady

I selected another Young Lady photograph from my MorgueFile research for today's post. I opened CorelTRACE and loaded the large file. I Traced using Advanced Outline. This gave me a native CMX file that I opened in CorelDRAW.

I Ungrouped the traced pieces and then I used differing gradients, and textures, to fill each area. This led to a colorful image of the Young Lady. I added a turquoise rectangle to the back of the pieces. I selected all the traced pieces, and the rectangle, and Grouped them as one unit. I then converted it to a bitmapped file. I copied the large bitmap to the Clipboard.

I opened Corel PhotoPaint and pasted New From Clipboard the copy. I added my signature in black. and saved the large file at 300 dpi. I resampled for display size, compressing by 62 and softened by 33, for a smaller file to load faster.

Be sure to click on the file for a larger view of it. F11 in Chrome will give you a full screen view, F11 back to the regular settings.

Comments are always welcome on experiments like this image. Feel free to browse "gatzkART!" for additional Digital Visual Art, as well as Woodward Dream Cruise Custom and Vintage cars, guitars images, along with other works. See the Labels Cloud by scrolling down to the lower parts of the blog page, Browse the topics and view them with the explanations of workflow used to create the images.

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