Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Eyes Lips Texture Woman Portrait" Corel

"Eyes Lips Texture Woman Portrait" Corel

In Corel PhotoPaint I cropped another Woman's Portrait from MorgueFile to shoulders and face. I then began to use a playful approach to the image. I applied the Threshold tool to the original crop. I added a texture from StockVault to it, resizing it to fit, and applied it to the white space of the image. I merged these together as one.

I then created a cutout of the face, reducing it in size, I placed it down the dark left side. I decided to add some geometric interest to it. I created two Triangular masks. Which I subsequently filled with a gradient of brown to orange.

I thought the largest of them, on the right side needed some more punch. I cutout the lips and then the eyes, placing them within the colored triangle. Also I added a brown border to the outside of the image. I used my Filter Forge Frames plug-in, for a light film frame. Adding the signature in white I saved the large iteration.

I used the Saturation tool to brighten it a bit. I resampled the image to a display size with compression set to 75 and softness set to 33 and Optimized the final piece. I do like the asymmetrical aspect of the overall image. Makes it interesting and not run of the mill.

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