Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Blonde and Green Haired Young Man Portrait" Corel PhotoPaint - Mayang's Textures

Blonde and Green Haired Young Man Portrait

A companion for my last Portrait Post the "Blonde and Green Haired Young Woman," is also a fictional portrait from one of my Journals. It followed closely behind the woman's image. It is a Pen and Ink and Pastels freehand drawing of a "Blonde and Green Haired Young Man Portrait."

I again searched for a Mayang's Texture on my external drive and found a pleasing rubble like one. I opened it in Corel PhotoPaint and cropped it to a slightly smaller, yet still fairly large size. I then took the image of the Young Man and layered it with the property of Multiply to allow the Texture to show through. Many Thanks again to Mayang's Textures for such good images to work with. This technique discarded the note and date of the Texture file and allowed me to set these.

I merged the layers, saved the large iteration and resampled for display, including my signature.

I had just finished re-stringing my Seagull C12 12-String Guitar with some Martin SP Phosphor Bronze Extra Light strings. It sounds great! I love new strings I usually use D'adarrio Light gauge strings but I do like these Martins. A slightly brighter sound to them with plenty of sustain, wonderful for the open chords I use so much. Time for more Guitar Practice!

Monday, October 28, 2013

"Portrait of a Blonde and Green Haired Young Woman" Corel - Mayang's Textures

Blonde and Green Haired Portrait

From one of my Journals I garnered this Portrait of a Blonde and Green Haired Young Woman, Scanned in at as large as I could get the image, I then went to my external drive and searched for a Mayang's Texture. I found a peeling paint with rust texture and layered it with the scan. I used the property of Subtract to merge these with the texture showing through.

The original was done with Pen and Ink, and Pastels, freehand. A fictional woman's portrait. I did only a small bit of work on this piece digitally. I added the texture, even when I saved it, it show's a note and origin date from Mayang's Textures. So this image's digital date is from 2005! Not, I just put it together this evening. I used Corel PhotoPaint to create the digital image. I resampled the large iteration, after saving it, to display size. Adding my Signature to it despite the Mayang's Texture note and date of creation. Honest!

I truly appreciate Mayang's Textures and their willingness to share, but am chagrined at the notation and the lack of the proper creation date of this digital image. I will have to experiment with their textures more and make certain the date and credit is correct for future images. I am now using Windows 7 and perhaps this is something new.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"1,150th Post - Retrospective of my Digital Visual Artworks!"

Mr. E. Beatle

Laurie Eskimo


Abstract Digital Visual Art

Freehand Circa 1995 Scanned 

These images will complete my Current Retrospective of Archived Digital Visual Artworks. I have shared from 1987 up to circa 1999 images from the archives I rediscovered recently.

All were done with some digital painting or manipulation of some sort. The processes used then are in most cases are not remembered. Some begin as photographs, some freehand drawings scanned in using various scanners.

I am certain I still use some of these processes, but with different programs and different computers come differing styles and images.

I hope that some of you have enjoyed the Retrospective of my Digital Visual Artworks!

Also this is my 1,150th Post to gatzkART! and we are rapidly approaching 121,000 plus Pageviews, a feat that brings excitement to my small offerings on the Internet.

Monday, October 21, 2013

"1994 - 1997 Salvaged Digital Archives" Amiga - Corel

Floral Vase with Fruit

Art Deco - Boatback

The Homestead Brightened Up

Freehand "Hank" scanned  into an Amiga

Continuing with my Retrospective I have more Salvaged Images from my archives. Done in 1994 through 1997, these images are colorful and varied.

"Floral Vase with Fruit," to my recollection was done with Corel Products on a PC. "Art Deco - Boatback," was also done with the same products. It began as a film photograph scanned in. I spent considerable time in Corel PSP Pro X3 adjusting the images for color and sharpness.

"The Homestead Brightened Up," is a freehand sketch of the house where I grew up. But the image was brightened considerably with Colors which the house never had.

Finally "Freehand 'Hank' scanned into an Amiga," was done in 1994 or earlier, finishing touches done by 1994. I also used PSP Pro X3 on this image to sharpen it's freehand drawing style.

As you can see I used freehand sketches and also photographs and scanned in designs for these images. I have remained quite productive over the years. Some of the archived images were quite small and needed upsizing in PSP Pro X3, along with adjustments to make them more presentable.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"1987 Published Digital Visual Artworks - ENERGY Magazine"

Energy Magazine Cover  May 1987

Description of Covers inside Energy Magazine

Energy Magazine Cover  April 1987

"1987," did he say "1987?" Yes, I have been involved with art since I was a youngster, first showing was in 1969 of some Acrylic paintings and a large 3D Collage. I picked up on computer art when a friend introduced me to computing with a Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer. I also have used Amiga's and have done a small amount on MAC's, but I became a PC user when I worked in Finance.

I also worked as a LAN Administrator and connected PC's to a IBM System 36 computer, then moved on to installing multiple PC's with network cards and setup for the LAN as the company grew. I was their sole Computer Support person for a few years, all IBM type PC's until they added some MAC's to the LAN. Thus my penchant for PC's and Corel Software.

Admittedly, these pieces of Digital Art are not fantastic, but they were PUBLISHED on the cover of Energy Magazine. An amazing step for me in my early Digital Art days.

I have no idea what program I used except for the description In the magazine itself. CoCo Max, I don't remember this program at all but I used it!

Here is a link about this Tandy Color Computer for your information about this early tech.

I am nearly completed with my OS upgrade and am certain to be back at creating newer art. In the meantime enjoy this little Retrospective of my early Digital Visual Artworks.

Friday, October 18, 2013

"1990 Circa Digital Visual Art - Retrospective"

Foliage and Woman

Young Woman

I am still getting my PC back to health with an OS upgrade and driver compatibility issues. So I am sharing some of my earlier Circa 1990's Digital Visual Artworks.

"Foliage and Woman," is full of computer color. A beautiful face along with the surrounding florals and leaves. This was probably done with Corel PhotoPaint (an early version.)

"Young Woman," was also done in PhotoPaint with Tinting and softening. I remember taking this photograph of the young lady so long ago. A contemplative expression that I see as delightful. Her Mother was suffering from Cancer at the time and it shows in her countenance. Since then her Mother has been "in remission," up to this day, after surgery, chemo, and radiation. Last time I saw this gal she is a happy Mother herself now.

I am approaching the end of my sojourn through the OS upgrade and I will continue to share older works for a little longer. Please view it as a Retrospective of my early work. Thank You!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Reviewing the Past in Digital Art - Circa 1990's"

Freehand Drawn - Computer Colored

Freehand Plus KPT Collection

Scanned in Dot Matrix Printout

Again I have displayed some "Vintage" circa 1990 and earlier Digital Artworks. I am Sharing these as I update my PC and OS. Less time for creating newer images.

All of these have some freehand drawing to them, fictional women in bright color or Dot Matrix printout form. Some come from Journals I kept and then scanned in to manipulate in computer programs.

Not much time today to explain workflow, most of which is forgotten anyway! I am pretty certain I used some version of Corel Products for the color images. That's about it.

When I get more time I will probably begin creating New Works for your enjoyment, until then Old times are rolling!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Vintage Circa 1990's Digital Visual Artworks" Corel

Azuretai Abstract

Abstract Floral

Brown Face

Here are three more (what I call Vintage,) Digital Visual Artworks. Azuretai is a Vector graphic Abstract done in an older version of CorelDRAW. It was enlarged to a JPG format and lost it's clean straight lines and gradients. But I is still an interesting early vector abstract.

The Abstract Floral is based upon a freehand image that was scanned in and manipulated in Corel PhotoPaint. I love the computer colors used to add punch to this image.

Brown Face was done using a Wacom tablet and pen on the computer freehand. The image was small and enlarged and softened.

All images were put through Corel PSP Pro X3 for cleaning of Digital Noise and JPG artifacts and moire patterns.

I am enjoying sharing these older and colorful images, they represent my early Digital Visual Artwork.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Searching the Archives - Vintage Dot Matrix and Photograph"

Amelia - Dot Matrix Digitized

Film Photo Scanned In

I am showing a Vintage Dot Matrix Female Portrait to begin with. I did this on a Tandy Color Computer with a Dot Matrix printer. I scanned in the results and saved them for future examination. It may bring back some memories of those of you in the early days of home computing. Amelia was a fictional person I drew on the computer using a Kola Pad if my memory serves me right, if not it was a mouse drawn image. In fact this may have been done on an Amiga Computer! Memory fails me.

Candy Apples is a film photograph taken in the 1990's and scanned in. I think I was using Windows at the time on an IBM type PC. I do remember this trip to the Ingham County Fair near Lansing Michigan.

Memories for all to conjure up thoughts of early computing!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"More Archived Digital Visual Artworks" Circa 1990's

Three Guys

Old 3D Abstract

I am fairly certain I used Corel PhotoPaint for the Three Guys image with a scanned in Art Deco matte. Done circa 1998. I took a photograph of them standing in front of a store with a stylish phone booth near by. I cropped the image to focus on the young men. I used various tools to get the painterly look and feel.

The second image, Old 3D Abstract was donw with an older 3D fractal creation program which no longer exists. I also used PhotoPaint to make adjustments and this appears to be circa 1996.

I have more Archived images to share as I move forward in time with my Windows 7 32-bit install.

Friday, October 11, 2013

"Digging the Garden - Archives" Old Digital Art

Filling Things

Pink Rust Code Gender

I was installing Windows 7 32-bit on my old PC and found a few CD's with old Digital Visual Artworks on them. I am looking them over and making some changes with Corel PSP Pro X3 and PhotoPaint and displaying them here and on Google+.

I did some of these in 1999 the year my Mother died. Some are somber others are upbeat and reflective with words of pain and loss. A hard time for me, as it is for those who lose loved ones in death.

I am certain I used PhotoPaint for some of these archived images and others are scanned in pen and ink and pastel works.

I am trying to keep this blog going in spite of a harried schedule, taking care of our Grandson and other related activities. I hope you will enjoy some of my old artworks!