Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Blonde and Green Haired Young Man Portrait" Corel PhotoPaint - Mayang's Textures

Blonde and Green Haired Young Man Portrait

A companion for my last Portrait Post the "Blonde and Green Haired Young Woman," is also a fictional portrait from one of my Journals. It followed closely behind the woman's image. It is a Pen and Ink and Pastels freehand drawing of a "Blonde and Green Haired Young Man Portrait."

I again searched for a Mayang's Texture on my external drive and found a pleasing rubble like one. I opened it in Corel PhotoPaint and cropped it to a slightly smaller, yet still fairly large size. I then took the image of the Young Man and layered it with the property of Multiply to allow the Texture to show through. Many Thanks again to Mayang's Textures for such good images to work with. This technique discarded the note and date of the Texture file and allowed me to set these.

I merged the layers, saved the large iteration and resampled for display, including my signature.

I had just finished re-stringing my Seagull C12 12-String Guitar with some Martin SP Phosphor Bronze Extra Light strings. It sounds great! I love new strings I usually use D'adarrio Light gauge strings but I do like these Martins. A slightly brighter sound to them with plenty of sustain, wonderful for the open chords I use so much. Time for more Guitar Practice!

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