Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Searching the Archives - Vintage Dot Matrix and Photograph"

Amelia - Dot Matrix Digitized

Film Photo Scanned In

I am showing a Vintage Dot Matrix Female Portrait to begin with. I did this on a Tandy Color Computer with a Dot Matrix printer. I scanned in the results and saved them for future examination. It may bring back some memories of those of you in the early days of home computing. Amelia was a fictional person I drew on the computer using a Kola Pad if my memory serves me right, if not it was a mouse drawn image. In fact this may have been done on an Amiga Computer! Memory fails me.

Candy Apples is a film photograph taken in the 1990's and scanned in. I think I was using Windows at the time on an IBM type PC. I do remember this trip to the Ingham County Fair near Lansing Michigan.

Memories for all to conjure up thoughts of early computing!

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