Monday, October 28, 2013

"Portrait of a Blonde and Green Haired Young Woman" Corel - Mayang's Textures

Blonde and Green Haired Portrait

From one of my Journals I garnered this Portrait of a Blonde and Green Haired Young Woman, Scanned in at as large as I could get the image, I then went to my external drive and searched for a Mayang's Texture. I found a peeling paint with rust texture and layered it with the scan. I used the property of Subtract to merge these with the texture showing through.

The original was done with Pen and Ink, and Pastels, freehand. A fictional woman's portrait. I did only a small bit of work on this piece digitally. I added the texture, even when I saved it, it show's a note and origin date from Mayang's Textures. So this image's digital date is from 2005! Not, I just put it together this evening. I used Corel PhotoPaint to create the digital image. I resampled the large iteration, after saving it, to display size. Adding my Signature to it despite the Mayang's Texture note and date of creation. Honest!

I truly appreciate Mayang's Textures and their willingness to share, but am chagrined at the notation and the lack of the proper creation date of this digital image. I will have to experiment with their textures more and make certain the date and credit is correct for future images. I am now using Windows 7 and perhaps this is something new.

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