Friday, October 18, 2013

"1990 Circa Digital Visual Art - Retrospective"

Foliage and Woman

Young Woman

I am still getting my PC back to health with an OS upgrade and driver compatibility issues. So I am sharing some of my earlier Circa 1990's Digital Visual Artworks.

"Foliage and Woman," is full of computer color. A beautiful face along with the surrounding florals and leaves. This was probably done with Corel PhotoPaint (an early version.)

"Young Woman," was also done in PhotoPaint with Tinting and softening. I remember taking this photograph of the young lady so long ago. A contemplative expression that I see as delightful. Her Mother was suffering from Cancer at the time and it shows in her countenance. Since then her Mother has been "in remission," up to this day, after surgery, chemo, and radiation. Last time I saw this gal she is a happy Mother herself now.

I am approaching the end of my sojourn through the OS upgrade and I will continue to share older works for a little longer. Please view it as a Retrospective of my early work. Thank You!

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