Saturday, October 19, 2013

"1987 Published Digital Visual Artworks - ENERGY Magazine"

Energy Magazine Cover  May 1987

Description of Covers inside Energy Magazine

Energy Magazine Cover  April 1987

"1987," did he say "1987?" Yes, I have been involved with art since I was a youngster, first showing was in 1969 of some Acrylic paintings and a large 3D Collage. I picked up on computer art when a friend introduced me to computing with a Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer. I also have used Amiga's and have done a small amount on MAC's, but I became a PC user when I worked in Finance.

I also worked as a LAN Administrator and connected PC's to a IBM System 36 computer, then moved on to installing multiple PC's with network cards and setup for the LAN as the company grew. I was their sole Computer Support person for a few years, all IBM type PC's until they added some MAC's to the LAN. Thus my penchant for PC's and Corel Software.

Admittedly, these pieces of Digital Art are not fantastic, but they were PUBLISHED on the cover of Energy Magazine. An amazing step for me in my early Digital Art days.

I have no idea what program I used except for the description In the magazine itself. CoCo Max, I don't remember this program at all but I used it!

Here is a link about this Tandy Color Computer for your information about this early tech.

I am nearly completed with my OS upgrade and am certain to be back at creating newer art. In the meantime enjoy this little Retrospective of my early Digital Visual Artworks.

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