Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Reviewing the Past in Digital Art - Circa 1990's"

Freehand Drawn - Computer Colored

Freehand Plus KPT Collection

Scanned in Dot Matrix Printout

Again I have displayed some "Vintage" circa 1990 and earlier Digital Artworks. I am Sharing these as I update my PC and OS. Less time for creating newer images.

All of these have some freehand drawing to them, fictional women in bright color or Dot Matrix printout form. Some come from Journals I kept and then scanned in to manipulate in computer programs.

Not much time today to explain workflow, most of which is forgotten anyway! I am pretty certain I used some version of Corel Products for the color images. That's about it.

When I get more time I will probably begin creating New Works for your enjoyment, until then Old times are rolling!

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