Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"1,150th Post - Retrospective of my Digital Visual Artworks!"

Mr. E. Beatle

Laurie Eskimo


Abstract Digital Visual Art

Freehand Circa 1995 Scanned 

These images will complete my Current Retrospective of Archived Digital Visual Artworks. I have shared from 1987 up to circa 1999 images from the archives I rediscovered recently.

All were done with some digital painting or manipulation of some sort. The processes used then are in most cases are not remembered. Some begin as photographs, some freehand drawings scanned in using various scanners.

I am certain I still use some of these processes, but with different programs and different computers come differing styles and images.

I hope that some of you have enjoyed the Retrospective of my Digital Visual Artworks!

Also this is my 1,150th Post to gatzkART! and we are rapidly approaching 121,000 plus Pageviews, a feat that brings excitement to my small offerings on the Internet.

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