Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Vintage Circa 1990's Digital Visual Artworks" Corel

Azuretai Abstract

Abstract Floral

Brown Face

Here are three more (what I call Vintage,) Digital Visual Artworks. Azuretai is a Vector graphic Abstract done in an older version of CorelDRAW. It was enlarged to a JPG format and lost it's clean straight lines and gradients. But I is still an interesting early vector abstract.

The Abstract Floral is based upon a freehand image that was scanned in and manipulated in Corel PhotoPaint. I love the computer colors used to add punch to this image.

Brown Face was done using a Wacom tablet and pen on the computer freehand. The image was small and enlarged and softened.

All images were put through Corel PSP Pro X3 for cleaning of Digital Noise and JPG artifacts and moire patterns.

I am enjoying sharing these older and colorful images, they represent my early Digital Visual Artwork.

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