Monday, October 21, 2013

"1994 - 1997 Salvaged Digital Archives" Amiga - Corel

Floral Vase with Fruit

Art Deco - Boatback

The Homestead Brightened Up

Freehand "Hank" scanned  into an Amiga

Continuing with my Retrospective I have more Salvaged Images from my archives. Done in 1994 through 1997, these images are colorful and varied.

"Floral Vase with Fruit," to my recollection was done with Corel Products on a PC. "Art Deco - Boatback," was also done with the same products. It began as a film photograph scanned in. I spent considerable time in Corel PSP Pro X3 adjusting the images for color and sharpness.

"The Homestead Brightened Up," is a freehand sketch of the house where I grew up. But the image was brightened considerably with Colors which the house never had.

Finally "Freehand 'Hank' scanned into an Amiga," was done in 1994 or earlier, finishing touches done by 1994. I also used PSP Pro X3 on this image to sharpen it's freehand drawing style.

As you can see I used freehand sketches and also photographs and scanned in designs for these images. I have remained quite productive over the years. Some of the archived images were quite small and needed upsizing in PSP Pro X3, along with adjustments to make them more presentable.

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