Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Street Musicians" PicsArt App

I downloaded a number of great photos from Pixabay today.  I have been using my Tablet to create images with the PicsArt App. I did at least four images that I posted to PicsArt and Facebook.

This image was one of those I created. I used a number of filters one called Comic Effect. I also increased the Saturation of the piece adding depth with the Curves tool.

I highly recommend both Pixabay and PicsArt App. They are among the top features on the Internet.

I searched for "Street Musicians," on Pixabay, also for free to edit content on the PicsArt community.  They have many choices for doing digital artwork.
I have found that PicsArt has many tools for layering, drawing, and other things that make it a great app.

Some people who want to may get the latest version of PicsArt App for Android devices on the Google Play Store. It is currently free to download and install.
Join Pixabay for the larger image download. I have been very pleased with the content of photos and textures there.

You can also use Pixabay from a browser.

Street Musicians 

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