Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Vintage Truck and Arches" PicsArt App

I utilized PicsArt App for this image today and yesterday. I began working on it on my tablet. I layered two photos of the Truck and Arches.

I applied enhanced color, and saturation to the truck,  then I added a watercolor filter. I took the Arches photo and added it. I resized the image of the Arches to fit the Truck. I changed the opacity, to allow the Truck to show through, using the property Overlay.

I next used the painting tools on the Truck. Slightly more color depth for the next step,  I hand painted it. I used the Text tool for my name and year.

I saved at various times before the final product. "Vintage Truck and Arches."

Vintage Truck and Arches 

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