Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Culvert Bridge

I've taken this photograph of a Culvert Bridge and brought it into Painter 8. I used some of the cloner brushes, watercolor, soft cloner, also liquid ink brushes to make the image.

The original piece was darker than I wanted so I loaded the image into PhotoPaint and adjusted the gamma to about 1.20 to lighten it up a bit.

Nearby were some salmon that were guarding their eggs from predators. I did get some photographs of them but they are fairly uninteresting, one had to really be there to appreciate the scene.

Interesting fact about salmon is as they guard their eggs, they are dying as part of the cycle. As they get closer to death, I was told, they turn a darker red. So the reddish ones we saw were closer to death than the others that were more grayish.

Hope you enjoy the 'painting' I did from the photograph. I enjoyed doing it.

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