Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Milestone Reached - Over 140,000 Plus Pageviews for gatzkART!" Corel

Skewed Grunge Woman Portrait

"gatzkART!" has reached another Milestone, over 1,200 images and now over 140,000 Pageviews! Thanks to many of you who regularly visit and my occasional visitors. I truly appreciate your interest in my Digital Visual Artwork and Music.

Beginning with a Woman's Portrait from the MorgueFile I opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3 and then I adjusted the Threshold for white space. It is a simple portrait taken in the backseat of a car. So I Skewed the image.

Selecting a Grunge Texture from StockVault's Free Textures I added it as a layer and used the property Multiply to add it with transparency. I also applied the Saturation Vibrancy for added color.

Looking at the image I wanted additional color so I used Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrancy, this boosted the colors to a punchy state. I then used Filter Forge's Frames Grunge Frame to add additional edginess to the image. Using PSP Pros X3's Picture Frame I layered in a Golden frame.

Adding my inverted signature to the file I saved it as a Medium sized piece for display. In the Image Information I included some Creator information Title, Copyright, Program and Sources. I left in some of the EXIF information of the original Woman's Photograph.

It is my pleasure to share my Digital Excursions with so many of you, and it is gratifying to have reached another goal I had not anticipated.

I did have some bad news this week. My Line 6 Toneport UX1 of about 5 years is no longer working correctly. So I am not able to use it and the Gearbox or PodFarm software with it to record my music.

I have made adjustments to my on board sound system with RealTek hardware so I can record and playback, view videos, listen to Pandora, etc. But have a higher learning curve with multiple tracks in Audacity due to latency problems. I need another newer Toneport and some new DAW Software to record with, but it may be a while before that happens. Until then I will be endeavoring to simplify my recording with the on board system and my Shure PG58 microphone, along with Audacity.

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