Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"How To: Workflow - Young Man and Woman Portrait" Corel

Digital Watercolor Young Man and Woman Portrait

I truly appreciate the fine portraiture I find at Unsplash Free Photos. I found this Grayscale Portrait of a Young Man and Woman there and downloaded it. I wanted to ply my Digital Visual Art Skills to this image, so, of course I did.

I opened the large file in Corel Painter Essentials 5 and began:
  • I selected the Watercolor Sketch set
  • Photo Painting Brushes
    • Bristle Oils Cloner
      • Size 15
      • Opacity 88%
    • I hand cloned the eyes and mouths
    • Photo Painting Brushes
      • Straight Cloner
      • Size 21.7
      • Opacity 100%
Saving that large iteration I opened it in Corel Painter 11 and began to paint by hand:
  • Digital Watercolors
    • Dry Brush
      • Size varied starting at 29.7
      • Opacity 20%
      • Grain 100%
      • Diffusion 0
      • Wet Fringe 10%
  • Background Sky painting
    • Broad Water Brush
      • Size Varied starting at 13.2
      • Opacity 29%
      • Grain 58%
      • Diffusion 0
      • Wet Fringe 50%
  • I also used the Liquid Ink Brushes for lined details
    • Coarse Camel Brush
      • Size Various
      • Opacity 100%
I once again saved that larger image and opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3:
  • Smart Photo Fix
    • Brighter +28
    • Shadows 0
    • Highlights +10
    • Saturation +10
    • Focus +57
  • Hue and Saturation
    • Vibrancy +20
I added my signature, sized and placing it, before I saved the large Final piece. I then resized for display to 801 X 1200 Pixels, 72dpi, JPG file format.

I used Picasa to create the short Movie of the photo steps as the were taken. I have yet to use Camstudio with Windows 10 (free version) to create a YouTube video of my steps and creation of an artwork. 

I did my editing from my short notes I took as I worked on this image, hoping that others can learn from my efforts. Admitting that some of my Corel Programs are older ones, Digital Artists can get the flavor of the workflow and apply it to their current Programs. Most of my writing took place in Open Office the Open Source product. Some additional writing was done here in Blogger's editor.

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