Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Acoustic Bonamassa with Congas Player" Picasa - Painter Essentials 5 - PaintDotNET

Acoustic Bonamassa with Congas Player

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As I am not a “full-fledged” business I am not on Linkedin either.

I had another screen capture to use for today's post. “Acoustic Bonamassa with Congas Player,” is the image of the moment.

I opened the file in Picasa 3+ and did the following adjustments:

  • Cropped the photograph
  • applied Contrast
  • Auto Color
  • Increased the Color Temperature
  • used the HDR tool – Radius low and Strength low.

I saved this iteration. I then opened in Painter Essentials 5 to Digitally Paint the image:

  • Chose the Illustration set
  • Dry Brushes
  • Digitally Painted
  • Used the Soft Cloner Brush for details
  • Selected the Pen and Ink Drawing set
  • Dry Ink Brush
  • Digitally Painted the image for light Pen and Ink

Saving this iteration I opened in Paint.NET and applied my Signature:

  • Opened the main image
  • opened the Signature file
  • selected all and Copied to the clipboard
  • closed Signature file
  • Pasted into the main image as New Layer
  • Resized and placed the signature
  • applied the property Additive for transparency

I saved the file again with a new name. I have created a new folder for my 2016_gatzkART work and that is where I will be saving my new works for this year. I will probably create other folders to categorize my works to make them easier to find. Of Course, with Picasa, they are usually pretty easy to find if categorized into appropriate folders in Windows 10.

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