Monday, January 26, 2015

"Vintage Europe Map Textured Woman Portrait" Corel

Vintage Europe Map Woman's Portrait

Today I used Corel PSP Pro X3 to create this image you see. I opened the Woman's Portrait first and applied the Threshold tool for black and white space. I did some adjusting of the portrait to balance the black and white favorably. I got the photograph of the woman from MorgueFile. The map was garnered by searching for free vintage maps.

I used the layer property Multiply, on it to allow the map to show through onto the white space. I adjusted the Saturation by 33 and played a bit with Curves to add depth to the image. I added my signature and saved the large iteration.

Resizing to a display size was next. It was a very simple and straightforward creation. I am searching for public domain maps to use in future images, Leave a note if you know of any good sites for that, thank you.

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