Monday, August 31, 2015

"How To - Impressionistic Lighthouse" Corel

Impressionistic Lighthouse

Today I wanted to work on a Landscape, particularly this Lighthouse from Morguefile's Free Photos. I opened the full color photograph in Corel Painter 11. There I Quick Cloned the image, selected the Artists Brushes Auto Van Gogh. Using a small Brush size I used Select Esoterica Auto Van Gogh to auto paint. This gave me a beginning point for an Impressionistic piece.

I changed to the Digital Watercolors Brushes, a Coarse Dry Mop brush. I used a Purple Lavender like color to add some shadowing to the Lighthouse and surrounding area. The image was still very much like the original photograph but with small brushstrokes and now the Lavender shading.

I wanted a more distinct Impressionist feel so I selected the Auto Van Gogh brush again and enlarged it's size. I applied the Auto Painting. I was pleasantly surprised to see how this moved the Lavender color into the Skyline. I adjusted the Exposure a touch in Painter 11 and then saved the large file.

This iteration I opened in Corel PSP Pro X3 and played with the Saturation Vibrancy (33,) and the Curves to add punch to the colors. I saved again and opened this in Picasa for a full screen view. Some of the coloring was too dark. I applied the Smart Photo Fix tool, in PSP Pro X3 adjusting the color, upping it a tad. This also Brightened the image. I added my signature as another layer, sized and fit it, used the property Lighten and merged the layers to one. I saved again to a JPG format 72dpi.

I added a painterly frame and the Ornate Gold Frame to the finished image. This lent it some elegance. I saved this iteration as an 16-bit TIF file and then Resized for display here, saving as an 8-bit JPG.

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