Monday, November 24, 2008

More Guitar Art Work

Another guitar montage. I used PhotoPaint to create this. I made repetitive copies of two different guitars, one a Takamine 12-string the other an Ibanez 6-string.

Using PhotoPaint's 'object's properties' I selected the Difference mode and copied and pasted multiple copies of each guitar into the image.

I scanned in two guitar picks one gray and the other white and added multiples of them as well. Jim Dunlop's nylon picks.

I cut and pasted the objects in an endeavor to make a nice composition with plenty of color. I am pleased with the outcome.

In Recording I did some covers of Tim Mcgraw's tunes from the Greatest Hits vol 2 CD. My best take was "Watch the Wind Blow By." A real challenge to sound a bit like Tim Mcgraw but it always comes out sounding like my style, I have been playing too long by myself without any input from others styles. I haven't been in a band since High School, and that was a long time ago!

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