Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guitar Player Chording G

Here is a digital painting I did with Painter 8. I used the brushes Van Gogh and Acrylics with my choice of colors from the regular Painter palette.

It is based on a photograph. I want to attribute to the photographer but can't locate the information on Yahoo or Google searches. So If you recognize the image and know please email me so I can credit it properly. In the meantime Thank You for a good beginning image.

Winter is finally here, officially 4-6 inches of snowfall. I am looking our over the lake we live above and even it is building ice. I can still see patches of watery ice they are like little rivers on the white plane of the lake. Very beautiful.

I wrote a song about the white pure snow one day when it was snowing when the sun was shining. It was an extremely impressive day weather wise. That was very inspiring. So, a song!

We got snowed in as we live high on a steep hill and our driveway has to be shoveled and cleared before we can leave, because we can't get back up the hill if it has snow on it. Finally got it shoveled only to get more snow! Winter is great but we don't always like the shoveling. Or the treacherous driving. Like most people in that respect, I'm certain.

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