Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Broken Dock and Lily Pads

A photograph taken by my son, cropped and manipulated by myself.

I was thinking of warmer weather and came across this fine image. Taken last Autumn on Bald Eagle Lake, it was a warmer day than the frigid days of recent time.

Again using PhotoPaint I cropped and used KPT's Collection Pyramid Paint filter on it. I also upped the color saturation by 15 to boost the impact.

Obviously this dock is not in use anymore and it's peak along with the lily pads create movement of the eye around this image.

I have only done some writing of poetry recently, and with caregiving I haven't done any music lately. I did get an email from my brother and sister n law that I shared Redeye Blues with and they both like the CD. So I am happy about that. Not much fun to make music and not share it with someone.

I have found a couple of songs I would like to record. Cats in The Cradle by Harry Chapin, One After 909 by the Beatles. I need to practice them some more before I record them when I have some time. Also I am looking at some other Beatles songs.

I hope to write some new tunes as well but they sometimes come hard, whereas other times inspired. Those are the ones most fun - inspired - they seem to just come to you from that place that songs come from. Usually quick and pretty good, they come to you at various times but you don't know when. So they are a great experience, they just are there! And you are like a vehicle for the song flowing out.

I am going to share my other CD's with my brother and his wife, Beginnings and Fifth Time Around next. I hope for more positive feedback from them! I have shared them with my daughter and son and their mates, but haven't had any feedback just yet. We will see. They grew up with my playing the guitar sometimes as they were getting ready for bed, I would play and sing. I like to think that those are good memories for my children who are all grown now and married. Certainly good memories for me.

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