Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guitar Music I

A short post to add this image to the blog. Entitled "Music" it is a heavily manipulated photograph of a six-string guitar. I also added a frame and a "mat" made up of a different F-hole guitar.

I used Photopaint for all the work done on this photo. Laying image over image to create a cubist like view.

It was sepia toned and I reworked the color hue to change it, using the Image Adjust Color Hue tool. I used the fill tool for the "mat" by taking a image of the F-hole six-string guitar and resampling it to a small image. Then I loaded it as a tile into the fill option and filled the added area. I rotated the image tile and sheared it for the slant. Then I added the black frame.

I enjoy this kind of piece, creating and posting it to share with others.

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