Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gutiar Study Montage

I think I have guitars on the brain! Well, I do enjoy going to the music/guitar stores like Motor City Guitars and the new Village Guitars here locally. But if you want a great store to go to I'd advise Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan. I've known the owner since the early 1970's, Stan Werbin, and he has the best place around for buying anything string related!

That is where my family purchased my 12-string as an anniversary gift so many years back. It is a Seagull Canadian made guitar. It has stood me well for many years now.

Here is another of my Montages about guitars. I have for the background a dinner party tiled. I used Paint.Net's filter for ink drawings and got this interesting texture to the piece. I resized it in PhotoPaint for display here.

I also have started other songs for "One Tough Baby." I did an instrumental using the chord structure of Am C F G and a chorus of Em C D with a bridge of F#m Am7 Dm7. Then I added some lead guitar and a bass line. I am still using Audacity to record and it has a Bass Boost filter which worked great on that bass line. It made my 12 string sound really good as a bass guitar.

Weather here is cold and we had both rain and snow so we have a frozen driveway today. Ice and snow. Not pleasant for driving or shoveling. But the sun is out and we have some blue sky right now. That IS pleasant.

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