Monday, September 16, 2013

"117,000 Plus Pageviews! - Floral Textured Guitars" Corel

Textured Floral Guitars

After a long hiatus, a trip to Iowa to attend a wedding and many days spent with my Grandson, I am posting. We reached another Milestone of over 117,000 Pageviews! Thank you for viewing!

I began with a photograph of our two Guitars and layered a house and trees and muddied sky over that. I then sought a Mayang's Texture of Rust and layered that into the image. I used Corel PhotoPaint to create this image.

I was not satisfied with the image as it had red-orange flowers in the upper third it. So I used an Art Deco color floral image from Dover Publications to layer and adjust and add more flowers with color punch.

I did a lot of adjusting to each layer with properties and opacity changes. Again I tried to create an unusual topical image of guitars with lots of texture. I think I succeeded.

I worked with some smaller images and after I did my creative work I saved that iteration. The I opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3 and added copyright and title information. I enlarged the image to 196 dpi and saved it with another name for a possible print out image.

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