Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Blue Period Abstract Guitar" Corel Painter 11 - PhotoPaint

Blue Abstract Guitar

I opened Corel Painter 11, my most current version of Painter. Using the Real Filbert Brushes in Digital Watercolor I painted a colored filled background and a Guitar shape.

I used a texture like wood for the painting of the guitar body. I then opened a Liquid Ink layer with a Fine Point ink brush and quickly painted some details, without concern for realism.

I saved the image and opened Corel PhotoPaint. In Picasa I browsed some older folders and found a blue background. I opened both the blue background and the painted guitar image in PhotoPaint. I copied the guitar and overlaid it upon the blue background. I played around with the layers properties and opacity settings. I ended up with the blue image you see.

I inverted my signature to white and placed it in the now blue image.

It reminded me of Picasso's Blue Period of paintings, thus the title. If you don't care for playful abstracts you may not like this image. I did have a blast creating it while listening to music through my headphones, some Rock, Some Jazz, And some old tunes by the Cars.

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