Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Vintage Family and Bronx Intl Expo Map" Corel

Vintage Family and Bronx Intl Expo Map

Had some time today to browse my Public Domain Maps and Portraits. I selected this Vintage Family and a Bronx International Exposition Map. I opened the family portrait in Corel PhotoPaint. I also opened the Map in PhotoPaint. I layered the two images, after rotating the Map 90 degrees, and played with the property of the Map. I used Multiply and in addition changed the Opacity of the Map.

I applied a Gaussian Blur to the merged layers to soften the piece. I then applied a Filter Forge Film Frame to the image. I neglected to apply my usual signature to the piece, but that is not a big problem as these are Public Domain Images I am using to create another in my series of Map Layering 'Texture Blended,' images.

I hope you are enjoying my Musical contributions, even if you are only listening and not buying it is a pleasure to share with all of you. "Blind Guide," is to be followed by a song containing a warning for that type of person. Keep on the watch for it and subsequent offerings Musically.

NOTE: I now have a CDBaby Music store at the bottom of the posts. Please Scroll down to it and see the other tunes I have for sale. All are Full Preview songs, so you get an idea of what they are like. Comments, Pluses, Shares are welcome. 

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