Friday, April 10, 2015

"Hoodie" Corel Painter


A short post for this evening. I selected another Homeless Man Portrait and digitally painted it. I opened in Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 using the Watercolor Sketch setting with a Dry Brush.

I saved the large grayscale image and opened in Corel Painter 11. There I painted using Digital Watercolor and Gouache brushes. I saved it as a TIFF file. I reopened in Corel PSP Pro X3, adjusting the Saturation Vibrancy by 18 for slightly brighter colors.

I also added my signature as a layer. I merged all layers and saved the file again with the same name and type. I then resized for display for this post, with a new name and as a JPG file format.

I was watching a HOA on Google+ at the same time I was going back and forth painting tonight. +Rebecca Perl was playing and singing songs and announcing her new album "Point of No Return." I did a capture of her holding her new CD up to the camera and posted that on G+ as well.

Rebecca Perl

Had a great time switching between tasks - painting and listening - watching and listening. Good music, it was a fun challenge. But, I wanted to post to the blog tonight as it has been a few days since my last one. So here it is! 1,300 plus posts.

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