Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Digital Collage How To: Lighthouse with Slight Murmuration of Birds " Corel

Lighthouse with Slight Murmuration of Birds

I started this Digital Collage with three photographs from Unsplash Free Photos. I opened them one by one in Corel PSP Pro X3 and began the collage.

First I took the two photographs of Flying Birds and used the Crop tool on them to narrow in on the birds themselves. I applied the Threshold tool to each one, this made for black and white images to overlay. I placed the first one and sized to fit the Lighthouse Sky. I used the layer property Multiply and merged the layer. I did the same with the second birds image. This gave me a small murmuration of black birds. I merged the second layer of birds. I added my signature layer with the property Multiply as well, and merged all layers.

Still in PSP Pro X3 I applied the Smart Photo Fix with increased color, decreased shadows and highlights. I then applied the Saturation Vibrancy for a pop to the colors. I changed the image to a 16 bit RGB and Exported it as a JPG. I saved that large iteration with a light compression ratio. The higher I set the ratio the more pixelated the image became. So, I lowered it making for a larger file size. All this before re-sizing for display.

The download of the Lighthouse did not give it's location, and I am not certain where the original photograph was taken. Like many, I like Lighthouses as I live in the Great Lakes Area, and we have many of them throughout the State of Michigan.

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