Monday, February 8, 2016

"FREE Download of One Of My CD Baby Songs - Help Choose Which One!"

I now have Twelve Songs on CD Baby for your listening with Full Previews. I am asking my readers to select your favorite song. The Song with the most votes will be set for a FREE CD Baby Download. That's right FREE!

Artist's Page Link:

I need you to visit my CD Baby Artist Page, Listen to each of Twelve Tunes in whole or part (Free Full Previews) and PICK YOUR FAVORITE!

Comment on this below and the Song I will select will be from the total of what ones you VOTED for! That is correct Listen for Free, Vote on your favorite and the one with the most votes will be set as a Free Download $0.00 cost.

This song will be available after February 2016 to allow time for you to select and post (in the Comments) the one you vote for as your Favorite.

Artist's Page Link:

I will total up the votes and set the price to $0.00 for a Free Download for the most Popular Song!

So, go to the link of my Artist Page at CD Baby, Listen, Select Your Favorite Song, Then tell me in a Comment below on the blog, or a Direct Message on Twitter or Facebook (or a vote on Google+.) The Song that gets the most votes will win. 

Rules: You can vote as many times as you want for your Favorite Song! You can only use one email address to vote.

gatzkART! The blog will announce the winning Song and it's availability on CD Baby, with a Link to the Song.

Follow this link to my Artist's Page on CD Baby. (Note: You may share this with others you feel may be interested in a FREE Download of Music!)

Artist's Page Link:

Here is the thing, if there is not enough participation for choosing which Song will be FREE, I will select one and set it's price to $0.00 on CD Baby. So a FREE Download for one of my Twelve Songs will still be announced on gatzkART! Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Google+! It's a Win-Win situation!

Listen for FREE, Choose YOUR Favorite, Get the most Popular Download on CD Baby!

ACT NOW! Listen, Vote, Get FREE Music! It's that simple!

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