Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"How This was Done - A Snowed in Cabin" PE5 Plus

A Snowed in Cabin

Even though we have had a mild Winter here in Michigan, we have a considerable bit of Snow coming our way this week. Thus, my selection for an image today. "A Snowed in Cabin," taken from a photograph from Morguefile. I opened in Corel Painter Essentials 5 (PE5).
I went to the Effects first. I Sharpened the image, adjusted the colors with the Original Luminance Saturation set to 72%. I saved the large file. In PE5, I clicked on Use Open Image to select the file for Digitally Painting.

I chose a Pastel Drawing set, Chalk, Pastels, Crayons Square Hard Pastel Brush to paint with. Next I hand painted back in some details: Trees, Windows, Log Ends. I used the Soft Cloner Photo Painting Brush. I saved this iteration.

I used Picasa3+ and applied the Museum Matte to frame the image, saving again. Then opening in Corel PhotoPaint, I created a Black 2016 Signature file and saved that with a white background. I copied that to the clipboard and pasted it as a layer into the open "Cabin," image. I merged the layers and saved once more.

I Resampled for display at 72dpi, 1220 X 938 pixels, Anti-alias and Maintained Aspect Ratio. I saved the new file with a different name at 75 Compression, and 25 Smoothing, as a JPG file.

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