Friday, February 19, 2016

"Red and Black Wood Hauling Vintage Truck" PE5 Plus

Red and Black Wood Hauling Vintage Truck

A little something different today. A "Red and Black Wood Hauling Vintage Truck," is the subject matter. I opened the photograph in Painter Essentials 5 (PE5). There I applied the Equalize tool, Sharpened the photograph and, Brightened it a bit.

Next I saved the file and used the image for Digital Painting. I did a Detailed Watercolor with the Soft Cloner Photo Brush. I next added more color and depth with the Illustration settings, a Digital Wash Brush. I added some line work with the Colored Pencil Drawing set, a Dry Ink Brush. I saved that iteration.

Opening in Paint.NET, I adjusted the Curves to add depth. Also, I adjusted the Saturation at 110. I added my Signature layer and sized and placed that with the property Additive. Merging layers I saved again.

I used Picasa 3+ to Warmify the colors and saved again. I next opened the piece in PhotoPaint. Here I resampled the file to 72dpi, 1220 X 813 pixels, Anti-alias and Maintained the aspect ratio. Before saving the display size image, I applied the Local Equalization tool, used the Tone Curve for added depth set at RGB. I saved the display file with a new name.

I am still learning about using Debian 8 Linux OS on my little Dell 1100 Inspiron laptop. I have tried to attach my Wacom Tablet to it and it worked immediately. I did an eyes and nose sketch with the touchpad and I then used the Tablet and Stylus to draw a full face. I also connected USB to an Epson Printer Stylus Photo 1280 I am trying to fix.

The printer was recognized and it attempted to print, which is the problem as it has not been printing. Blank pages came out. I think the print head is shot. Still playing with the printer to see what cleaning solution will do for it.

Overall my experience with Debian has been good. The laptop is slow to respond, with only 256MB RAM. But it is fun to learn any new computing tricks.

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