Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"FREE Downloads of CDBaby songs - Originals!" CDBaby - CorelDRAW

The Tally has been done. I had to disqualify one song as it was released in February 2016 and had many first time hits. So out of the remaining eleven songs the WINNER is "Something Amazing!" This will now show as it's price $0.00 for a Free Download.

As I reviewed the ALL TIME hits for all the tunes I saw that the song with the most overall Hits was "Open Secret!" AS A BONUS I MADE THIS SONG FREE TO DOWNLOAD AS WELL!

Two of my songs for FREE! "Open Secret," is at Visit the link and Select this BONUS song!

The winning song "Something Amazing," is to be found here: Select this for the Winner!

Both songs are available now at CDBaby for a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Thanks to all who participated and I hope you enjoy all my Music!

You will need to set up an Account with CDBaby to download the free songs. Put them in your Cart and Download for $0.00!

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