Sunday, March 27, 2016

"Acoustic Guitar Player" PicsArt App

More painting on my tablet. I used the PicsArt App. I applied some Curves and a HDR filter. Then I hand selected colors to paint with the stylus on the image.

I applied an Artistic filter like a Lomo effect. The surrounding area was darkened a bit.
I did not resize the image of the Acoustic guitar player so it may be larger on the blog than what I can see on this tablet.

Still learning how to use the Blogger App, along with the images I create with the PicsArt App. So blame it on the learning curve and my inexperienced ways.

Away from my own guitars and missing practice. I have found that I enjoy learning the song "The End of the Line," by the Traveling Wilbery's. Also a good Tom Petty song "Learning to Fly". I recently got a Martin DRS1 6 string that I really like. A great addition to my Seagull S12 Cedar 12-String Guitar.

I have been working on a new chord progression as well. Missing my guitars while away. I use the program Verse Perfect for writing lyrics on my PC. I recommend that program to help rhyme lyrics.

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