Sunday, March 17, 2013

"The Celebratory Dance" Art Deco Digital Collage - Corel Plus

The Celebratory Dance

Browsing my Dover Publications Sampler folder in Picasa 3.9 I found a decorative floral with line. I also searched for a background for this and came up with an Art Deco Floral background.

In Picasa I lightened the Color Art Deco Floral a bit and brought them all into Corel PhotoPaint. I used the Wand tool to select the white and filled it with a sky image. I applied the decorative floral with lines, deepening the line coloration with the Tone Curve and using the Color Burn for transparency.

I searched a bit further and found an image of women in various stances. I selected the Dancer with Flowing Hair to add. I cut, erased and placed the Dancer onto the two backgrounds.

I added another image from the Dover Clip Art of a Couple Celebrating with Champagne, as if they were drinking to the Dancer. I increased their depth with the Tone Curve as well. This made for a Celebratory feel to the image.

I added my signature inverted to white and merged all together to one layer. I saved this iteration. I opened with Corel PSP Pro X3 and used the High-pass Sharpen tool on the image. And softened the background using the Digital Camera Noise Removal tool.

I liked the Ornate Frame so I applied that from Image, Picture Frame. It gives it a Museum quality I really like.

So goes the making of the "The Celebratory Dance."

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