Monday, March 25, 2013

"A Little Romance Never Hurt!" Digital Collage - Picasa - Corel

"A Little Romance Never Hurt!"

 gatzkART! has reached over 97,000 Pageviews and 1,070 posts today! I was using The Old Reader RSS reader to import my Google Reader content. I was reviewing the posts and found two old-fashioned love photographs from ART FREEBIES, a blog of Public Domain images and photographs.

I saved them to my folders in Picasa and created a collage with Picasa 3.9. I added the page of images of Old-Fashioned Love and Marriage from Dover Clip Art sampler folder.

Using Picasa I tinted the entire collage with blue and saved that. I used the setting for the size of my current desktop size, It saved a large iteration.

I opened it with Corel PhotoPaint and worked on adding the Nebula background to it. I saved that and added the title caption, in PhotoPaint adding my signature.

I also resampled it in Corel PSP Pro X3 to display size. I then saved that. Times have changed as you can see from these examples of Love in the old days.

"A Little Romance Never Hurt!"

Some things haven't changed a bit!

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