Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Woman Playing Violin" Corel - Plus

Woman Playing Violin

I received some new Dover Publications Clip Art today. This image of a woman violin player struck me with it's flowing lines. I selected a Mayang's Texture in Picasa and I opened it in Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 and auto painted it with the Simple Watercolor setting, Rough Paper, and stopped it before it finished. Saving the background I opened Corel PhotoPaint.

I copied and pasted New from Clipboard the simple watercolor. Using the rectangle selection tool I moved the background to a position where I liked the colors and brushstrokes. I cropped that and opened as a new file. I rotated it ninety degrees to a portrait setting.

I when to my Dover Clip Art folder in Picasa and opened the image of the Woman Playing Violin and copied and pasted it onto the painted background. I resized it to fit and used the property Color Burn on it for transparency.

Back to Picasa I selected another piece of Clip Art of music. I cropped to just a portion of the beginning score. Copied it and pasted onto the background, used the Color Burn and resized to fit in PhotoPaint.

I then looked for a Flourish symbol in Dover Clip Art. I copied and pasted that onto the picture. I rotated it to flow horizontally and also placed with Color Burn.

I then merged all and saved the file. I added my signature inverted to white, to the image. Saved that with a new name.

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