Monday, June 16, 2014

"Bearded Smiling Man with Texture" Corel

Bearded Smiling Man

Due to a truly busy schedule I have not posted in many days. Having some time today allowed me to create this image and post it.

I got the free Man's Portrait from MorgueFile's site and the Vintage stained paper Texture from StockVault's Free Texture Friday. I opened both in Corel PhotoPaint and cropped them and then pasted as New Image from Clipboard.

I took the Man and I used the Threshold tool on it for more white space, also it highlighted his beard and eyes and mouth. I took that and copied to the clipboard and pasted it as a layer onto the Vintage Paper Texture. I used the layer property Multiply to create the transparency, allowing the Texture to show through.

I used the Tone Curve tool to add depth to the paper color. I added a black border using the Papersize tool. I then added my inverted white signature with drag and drop from a open folder window. Resizing the signature to fit the large iteration, I merged the layers to one, I then saved it. I resampled it to display size for the blog and then began my posting and workflow explanation. I used only two layers for this image, not counting my signature.

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