Thursday, June 5, 2014

"In The Gloaming - Music - Textured Young Woman" Corel

In The Gloaming

A short workflow post today, as I had a busy day. I wanted to define Gloaming for you: it means in the Twilight or Dusk. Do a search on it and it has deeper meaning to it.

I used Corel PhotoPaint and Corel PSP Pro X3 for this piece. I added the Title and Programs used in the Image Information. PhotoPaint, and cropping, cut and paste, removed all the EXIF data from the image.

It is three layers, the Young Woman, a Painted Textured Wall, and some practice Violin Music.

I layered the images with some cropping and cut and paste work. I Distorted the Music with a Mesh tool in PhotoPaint. I added Saturation Vibrancy in PSP Pro X3, and my signature.

Sorry the workflow is not as clear, but a simple presentation of the work done should be adequate for those used to layering and working with such tools.

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