Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Woman and Guitar in a Field with Textures" Corel

Woman and Guitar in a Field with Textures

Today I selected two Free photographs from StockVault. One is the Woman with the Guitar in a Field that you see here. I used Corel PSP Pro X3, opening the original photograph, and used two Free Textures from StockVault as well.

I first applied the Threshold tool to the image for a lot of white space. I then used a Vintage Paper Texture for the sepia toning. I added a Stone Wall Texture for some more interesting contrasts. I then used the Wand tool to make selections of the white space and added a light yellow to the new layer I created from the selections.

I added my inverted signature as a layer, as well as used the Image Information tool to add Title, Copyright, etc.

I saved the large iteration after I merged all layers to one. I then decided I wanted to use a light border and a golden frame to complete the image. I saved again and then resized the image for display.

All work was completed in Corel PSP Pro X3 as noted in the EXIF information. I am getting better at using that program, it can do many more things than I have learned at this point. I am looking forward to learning even more. As I have just invested in a faster Computer I cannot afford to upgrade my programs I use for digital creative artworks. I have to pay off the computer in full before investing in newer programs from Corel.

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