Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Blue Textured Redheaded Young Lady" Corel

Blue Textured Redheaded Young Lady

A Texture from Mayang's Textures of Blue Wood and a Portrait of a Redheaded Young Lady are the subject matter today.

I opened the Young Lady Portrait in Corel PhotoPaint. I applied the Threshold tool to it with color left in the image along with white space. I layered the Blue Texture over it and rotated it to portrait instead of landscape. I applied the property Multiply to the Texture for blending with the Young Lady.

I liked the contrast of her Red Hair and Pink Blouse with the Blue Textured Wood. I added my signature and merged all layers together.

Another striking image that required blending of the image with texture. I saved the large iteration and then resampled for display here. I set Compression at 75 and Smoothing at 33 for the JPG file.

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