Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"2013 Woodward Dream Cruise, Various Cars I" Corel PSP Pro X3 - Paint.NET

1979 Monte Carlo

HDR Wine Coupe

Chevelle SS

I was able to attend the Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise for 2013 and garner some photographs of automobiles. I used our Canon Rebel XTi camera with a tripod for the photographs.

I will be sharing sets of these images, after my working on them for differing effects in my next number of posts. I will try to explain that workflow.

With this 1979 Monte Carlo, belonging to my Brother in Law, I used Corel PSP Pro X3 for some adjustments. I used the Digital Camera noise removal, and the Smart Photo fix. I also boosted the Saturation with the Vibrancy set at about a third.

The Wine Coupe I also did in PSP Pro X3. I used two exposures to create one HDR image. I also used the Noise Removal, Smart Photo Fix and the Sharpen High Pass on it.

The Carmel and Black Chevelle Super Sport I opened in Paint.NET and applied a light Ink Sketch to the image. I adjusted the Curves for depth and increased the Saturation a bit. I applied KPT Collection's Lens Flare for some color as well.

As I took quite a few photographs of the cars in my area I will be posting more Automobile images in my posts. I hope you enjoy them!

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