Friday, December 6, 2013

"125,000 Plus Pageviews - Woman With Blue Beret" Canon - Corel Painter

Woman With Blue Beret

Today gatzkART! has reached over 125,000 Pageviews, a great Milestone to hit. Thank You! 

My last post I asked for votes on which of three Pencil Freehand Drawings of Women you'd like to see painted. The votes received were for the image I am presenting today. "Woman With Blue Beret," was digitally painted in Corel Painter 11 using my Wacom Tablet. I selected Watercolor Brushes and did use Liquid Ink Fine Point for some outlining of the pencil.

I added my signature to the larger iteration in Corel PhotoPaint, then I opened that iteration in Corel PSP Pro X3. There I added a fifteen pixel black border to the image. Re-sizing it to display size, adding Image Information to it, Title Artist, Copyright, etc. I saved it large and resized with differing names.

I hope you like the Digital Painting I did with this Freehand Drawing in Pencil. Comments and Sharing on Google+ is appreciated as are Pluses!

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